Corporate Wellness & Fitness

Healthy associates make better companies and health-minded companies make better associates!

Corporate Wellness

Looking to boost your associates' wellness, satisfaction and performance in one go? We offer fun and thought-provoking "Lunch and Learn" style workshops on the topics most relevant to office employees such as:

  • How to Boost the Immune System (Stay healthy and fight off infections!)

  • Healthy Eating 101 (It's not a's a long-term lifestyle change!)

  • How to Eliminate Insomnia (No sleeping pills!)Naturally

  • Self-care for Neck and Back Pain (Improve your posture and feel great!)

We work with all industries.

Corporate Fitness

This service is growing in demand with

more companies working remotely and looking for ways to keep their associates connected, engaged and empowered! We offer Yoga, Mat Pilates, Bootcamp and Meditation classes through Zoom or Webex that will delight your associates and make them feel privileged and grateful to be a part of your team!