An Introduction to the Magic of Chinese Herbs...and Why You Need Them in Your Life!

In this video, I provide an introduction to Chinese Herbs in the form of a discussion with D.O.M. Michael Floren. You can contact Doctor Mike to have him create a customized herbal formula for you at or 305-394-6789.

1. Introductions

2. What do we mean by “herbs?”

Herbs encompass seeds, roots, stems, twigs, bark, flowers, berries and fruit, leaves, stones, animal parts and more! Raw herbs can be decocted and ingested as a tea, they can be powdered, made into alcohol tinctures or taken as pills. Raw herbs are the strongest ;-)

3. Why are herbs equally, if not more important than acupuncture when it comes to Chinese Medicine?

a. They come from nature and can in many instances replace Western Pharmacology achieving the same or better results with way less side effects.

b. More powerful than acupuncture in terms of their ability to influence the body’s energy, organ systems and physiological functions.

c. They can achieve the same goal as acupuncture in less time especially when you can really nail the diagnosis and create the right formula. i.e. You can’t really tonify blood with acupuncture.

4. Major herb categories and relatable examples from each category.

a. Herbs that Tonify (think of these as anti-aging, longevity herbs)

i. Qi (the body’s energy) → Ginseng, licorice

ii. Blood → Goji berries

iii. Yin (water, lubrication, hydration) → sesame seeds

iv. Yang (fire, metabolic energy)→ Horny Goat Weed

b. Herbs that Clear Heat (anti-inflammatory, cooling herbs)→ Gardenia, bamboo

c. Herbs that Warm the Interior (opposite to heat-clearing herbs, these are thermogenic in nature)→Black pepper, cinnamon

d. Downward draining herbs (purging or laxative) →cannabis seeds, senna leaf, aloe vera

e. Herbs that release the exterior (they expel external pathogens like when you’re coming down with a cold or flu)→ mint, ginger

f. Herbs that regulate blood (move the blood to stop pain)→ Turmeric

g. Herbs that regulate qi (when energy is going in the wrong direction like vomiting)→ tangerine peel

h. Herbs that transform phlegm (dry up phlegm and stop coughing)→ Mustard seed, loquat (found in cough syrup)

i. Herbs that extinguish wind (stop tremors, anti-convulsive)→ earthworm

j. Herbs that calm the spirit (anti-anxiety, grounding)→ hematite, pearl, reishi mushroom

k. Aromatic herbs/open the orifices (nasal congestion) → camphor, patchouli

5. FAQ

a. Why are herbs prescribed in formulas and nor just taken as single herbs?

b. Should I just diagnose myself and start taking herbs arbitrarily?

c. How do I know which herbs or formulas are right for me and how long can I take them?

d. Can herbal formulas be modified?

e. How long do they take to “work” and when can I expect results?

6. Where can people find Dr. Mike? 305-394-6789

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