My Secrets to Insane Hair Growth...100% Natural PART 1

-The appearance of longer hair is the combination of two factors: actual growth, and length retention.

-Hair growth is a product of internal health and also how you treat your scalp.

-Length retention is more of a product of your lifestyle and how you treat your actual hair.

-Although of course there is a genetic component to the amount of hair each person was born with as well as color and texture, I promise you that if you apply what you learn today you’re going to be able to grow your own, natural hair to its maximum potential.

-THERE IS NO INSTANT SOLUTION to longer, fuller hair. It takes TIME and CONSISTENCY but you can start to see results in as little as a few weeks so stick with me ☺



- Your hair needs proper nutrition to grow. You need to be eating a diet rich in protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals as well as supplementing that which we don’t always get enough of in our diets such as zinc, omega 3, biotin and vitamin E.

-You need to cut out processed foods and opt for nutrient-dense whole foods that your body can use and digest easily. You’ve heard of “you are what you eat” but that’s not actually true. The truth is “you are what your body can absorb and use.” This was a big game changer for me! For years I ate what I thought was a relatively healthy diet high in vegetables and micronutrients but because of gut issues I had developed since childhood due to a poor diet high in sugar, gluten and processed foods as well as years of antibiotics, my gut was a leaky mess and I was not absorbing the nutrition from my food. Enter probiotics and fermented foods! They are important because without them the nutrients from your food can leak out through the patchy holes in your gut and never get metabolized.

-Another aspect of internal health that is crucial for hair growth are balanced hormones. Without getting too deep into this because it would require a whole video of its own, know that your hormones get reset and rebalanced every night when you sleep. If you aren’t sleeping enough, (at least 7.5 to 8 hours) your cortisol levels will be too high leading to adrenal fatigue, weight gain in the mid section, acne and BAMN! Hair loss! -This leads me to the topic of stress in general. Stress is probably the biggest contributor to hair loss, even more than improper nutrition or scalp care…why? In fact there’s even a name for it…Telogen Effluvium. You cannot be under chronic stress and expect to have, long healthy hair. Check out my yoga videos to manage your stress and get in shape at the same time.


-Increase circulation to the scalp with inversions like forward bends and headstands/handstands as well as scalp massage on a routine basis. I use a shampoo brush as well.

-Maintain a healthy scalp pH by not overwashing your hair. When you overwash your hair you strip the natural oils that protect and keep your hair shiny and nourished. Many shampoos contain harsh sulfates that are too alkaline and your scalp, just like your skin has to work hard to re-balance its pH. This one can be a bit tricky because if you don’t properly CLEAN the scalp, the build up of conditioner and hair products will clog the pores of the scalp LEADING TO THE DEATH OF THE HAIR FOLLICLES AT THE ROOT! You need every one of those pores to stay clean and open so the new hair can push through. But there is another way to deep clean the scalp that will surprise you! With oil!

- This brings me to my absolute favorite and signature tip for insane hair growth. Castor oil. Specifically Jamaican Black Castor Oil. My best friend and true love. The MVP of hair growth used for centuries by many cultures to stimulate the hair follicles and keep the scalp healthy. It’s high in Omega fatty acids and linoleic acid which thins out your own sebum and opens up the pores so that new hair can come out into the world! As if that wasn’t enough, it is also antibacterial, antifungal, hydrates the scalp and is antidandruff!

-Now let’s talk about how to use it and even how to enhance its use.

-Apply to the roots, coating the entire scalp the day before you wash your hair or even a few days before. I often rock my hair in a bun or a braid with the castor oil in it and it looks sleeks when pulled back, not greasy. You would be surprised how much of it gets absorbed into the scalp. Leave it on AT LEAST overnight. IT DOES NOT STAIN YOUR SHEETS!

-Enhance the castor oil by adding a few drops of peppermint or rosemary essential oil or both! This increases the stimulation and invigoration of the scalp and adds an aromatherapy kick to your treatment!

-Another tip is to have someone apply it for you. You can do this solo but when someone else applies it for you it is so relaxing that it also helps with stress management ;-) You will love me more the first time you try this. Massage it into the scalp! Use your nails or a shampoo brush to really work it in. Stay tuned for PART 2! Length Retention...

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