My Secrets to Insane Hair Growth...100% Natural: PART 2

The appearance of longer hair is the combination of two factors: actual growth, and length retention.

-Hair growth is a product of internal health and also how you treat your scalp…it’s about what do as much as what you don’t do.

-Length retention is more of a product of how you treat your actual hair…again, what you do, and what you don’t do.

For info on how to treat the scalp, please see PART 1 of this video series. Here is the link:


-Frequent trims (every three or four months) prevent breakage and split ends and create the look of fuller hair. A blunt cut as opposed to more layered looks also create the look of thicker, fuller hair. I started doing this about a year and a half ago and it made a big difference.

-STOP CHEMICALLY TREATING YOUR HAIR! Even the best stylists cannot beat the harsh effects of bleach, ammonia and peroxide let alone the health-damaging effects of formaldehyde. Keratin treatments require intense heat from irons to seal in the product and they restructure the cuticle leading to a vicious cycle of dependence so that your hair will look “decent” at the expense of damage (and $$$).

-Embrace your natural hair texture and stop abusing your hair with flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers and even the wrong brushes that rip your hair. I was the QUEEN of trying to keep perfectly straight hair in high school because it was in style and I could not embrace that God made me with curly hair. Once I started to focus on the health of my hair and taking care of it versus forcing my hair to conform to a particular style or trend it started to actually look good in its natural state. Love your hair and love yourself! Hair trends come and go, but confidence stemming from self-acceptance radiates beauty that is timeless and will never go out of style!

-Cut back or eliminate products! Here’s why. Most products contain a lot of alcohol that dries your hair out over time and silicones, waxes and other crap that creates build-up on your scalp. As we already discussed above, this inhibits new hair growth. If you never use products on your hair, you will not be needing to “clarify” or deep clean your hair nearly as much. Products create a dependence and you start to feel like you can’t live without them. In addition, from a holistic health perspective, most products contain perfumes and parabens that can be endocrine disruptors tampering with your hormones and your precious organs. As we discussed in PART 1 you need your hormones to be balances for optimal hair growth. Save your money, save your body, save your scalp!

-So what should I put on my hair anyway? A gentle sulfate-free shampoo and a good conditioner that is naturally derived and free of silicones, parabens, and artificial fragrances is your best bet.

-Pre-condition your hair with my other best friend…COCONUT OIL. You can apply this to your hair from the mid-shaft down to the tips when you apply your Jamaican black castor oil to the roots. Leave it on overnight or even a few days if you can. When you wash your hair it will be sleek, shiny and hydrated!

-Leave a bit of conditioner in your hair when you wash it or wash it out and then apply just a little bit more as you’re coming out of the shower. By the way, always rinse out the conditioner with COLD water. This will seal the cuticle and prevent frizz.

-Dry your hair with a microfiber towel and DO NOT do the towel wrap on your head thing if you’re going to air dry the hair (which I completely endorse).

-Detangle your hair in the shower using a wide-tooth comb and don’t brush your hair once you get out of the shower. You will only touch your hair to do your part (if you wear it with a part) and to apply my other, other best friend…ARGAN OIL!!!!! You can do this when the hair is wet, damp or dry but I think it’s best when the hair is still wet so you don’t have to mess with it as it’s drying.

-DON’T ever tie up or braid your hair when it’s wet! This also leads to damage or even infections. My beloveds, do all of this for a few months and then write to me to tell me how much you love me and how much you love your hair!!! I love you, too.

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