SPECIAL QUARANTINE EDITION: How to work from home with kids like a boss!

Have you been pulling your hair out trying to get work done at home with little kids? Are you new to working from home and struggling to find your rhythm? I made this video just for you! You're welcome 😉

In this video I ask Pilar to share her expertise on working from home. She is an International Compliance Manager at a major financial institution who manages a team oversees in Asia. She is married with two small children, several pets, a home that is currently being renovated and she's been WORKING FROM HOME FOR YEARS LIKE A PRO! This cool-headed queen is hardly ever stressed and is a genius at managing work/life balance. We cover a full day's routine, talking about:

- Key dependency activities the night before - The morning routine - How to set up your home office for success - Lunchtime - Transitioning out of the workday - Dinnertime - Kids bedtime routine - Adult time - Monthly personal wellness day - MINDSET

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